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A few years ago I had a breast reduction (anchor incision) going from a 38F to a 38D. I am a large frame so going any smaller would not look right (mine and the dr decision). At my very first post op appointment I voiced my concern that my nipples were placed too high, and the dr told me that everything was too high but that it would all settle in time. This did not happen. At every appointment that followed I voiced the same concern, they are too high!

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Nipples too high

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If your nipples are too high, it can be very difficult to lower them. The only way for me to know if this is possible, is by doing an exam.  Good luck.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction

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Unable to comment without photos.  If there is a problem, instead of unproductive bitterness and rumination, accept that your result is not what you wanted, and seek help.  Consultation with a surgeon or two is the first step toward correction.  Often, secondary procedures (revisions) are necessary.  The result from a given operation cannot always be predicted.  Every individual is different, as is every breast. Improvement of your situation is likely possible, and because you're unhappy, you should get more information about how this improvement might best be accomplished.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Not Happy after Breast Reduction Surgery...

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Based on  your  description it is obvious that you are not pleased with the results of the breasts reduction surgery ( and possibly with the “communication” with your plastic surgeon).  Of course, it will be in your best interests to communicate your concerns/questions in a calm and constructive fashion with your plastic surgeon.

 If this communication process  leaves you unsure of the best course of action, I think you may be best off seeking advice through  in person ( as opposed to online) second opinions with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.

 Generally speaking, revisionary breast reduction surgery can often improve the results of the initial operation significantly.

Best wishes.

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