Best And/or Necessary Post Op Procedures (Implant Displacement & Sports/compression Bra)?

My PS advised me to wear the sports bra for 6 wks and hasn't discussed implant displacement exercises. Does the sports bra or displacement exercises really determine how the implants will sit or shape as they're healing? There doesn't seem to be a "right" answer..just each PS's own way of doing things. I really want mine to sit lower, more "tear drop" natural shaped. Any advice? I'm 48 hours post op. Pre op at 32 large A/small B. 350cc right & 375cc left high profile allergen silicone implants.

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Post op breast augmentation

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There is no conclusive evidence that diplacement exercises or massage etc. make a real difference.Since you are only a few days post-op, I would be patient. I find that what you see isn't what you get for up to three months after the surgery. Starting in about a week, gentle massage may help with the swelling and tightness, but is not necessary in the long run. After all, every time you cross your arms or roll over in bed you are massaging your implants and displacing them.



Daniel Medalie, MD

At 48 hrs post-op from breast augmentation

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At 48 hours after breast augmentation you are going to have significant swelling and it may take several weeks for the implants to descend into the pocket adequately.  Give it time.

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