Where and how will any fat I gain be distributed post tummy tuck procedure with some liposuction?

I am an active 46 year old woman and and my weight is stable . I am considering a tummy tuck with some liposuction but it is in my tummy that I gain fat first . So I am concerned if after I have my procedure I do gain some weight the fat will distribute in other areas in my body that will distort my figure (hips, shoulders , back, etc....) I have asked my surgeon to perform as little liposuction but it still worries me a bit What can I realistically expect ? Thanks Doods

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Liposuction maryland

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liposuction doesn't affect your future ability to gain weight or lose weight. If you gain weight after lipo in the flanks, your body will preferentially place it in other untreated areas like abdomen, back, butt, breast, arms, inner thighs, outer thighs. Some of it will go to the butt.
the best thing is to try not to regain the weight back.

Liposuction and tummy tuck

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  • a tummy tuck removes fat when it removes skin. This fat does not return.
  • fat removed by liposuction  of the upper abdomen and flanks - if you eat and exercise to your new shape, which will be about 5 pounds below your normal weight now - will not return.
  • if your weight stays the same, fat usually returns above the area of liposuction, eg. lower chest, breasts.
  • Best wishes.

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