Is There Any Benefit of Having a Tummy Tuck and Breast Enlargement at the Same Time?

I will be getting a "Mommy Makeover" which would include a Tummy Tuck with lipo of the flanks, and a Breast Enlargement. I will be asking my surgeon to go as large as possible with my breasts (currently a 36 A). My fear is that it may be harder to function normally and be more painful as a combo versus individual proceedure. Is this the case or is there some real benifit to getting them done together?

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Benefits of Performing Tummy Tuck and Breast Surgery at Same Time?

Thank you for your question.

I have performed the tummy tuck surgery in combination with breast surgery for many patients but each patient is different and your surgeon should make sure that you are healthy to undergo both surgeries.  The benefit of having both procedures performed at the same time is 1) financial -usually the price is less when performed together vs. 2 separate surgeries, 2) going under anesthesia and surgery one  time, 3) having to arrange for time off, child care, etc.. one time vs. twice.

It really is a personal choice.  Talk to your surgeon to go over the pro's and con's. 

Best Wishes.

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Tummy Tuck & breast augmentation together

In my experience, abdominoplasty and breast procedures can be safely performed in combination at the same anesthesia.  Most of my patients do not complain of breast surgery related pain since the abdominoplasty is the main source of discomfort.

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Benefit of Having a Tummy Tuck and Breast Enlargement at the Same Time

There are a number of benefits for doing these together:

  • One recovery period to deal with child care, work absence, etc.
  • Less expense, as there is only one start up fee for the OR and anesthesia

Disadvantages include:

  • More discomfort (though the whole is almost always less than the sum of the parts. 
  • Safety--extending the procedure beyond certain lengths of time add to some risks--though this combination of procedures should be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time. I prefer a four hour time limit, though many accept six hours. 

Tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation is a common combination procedure. Discuss the pros and cons with your surgeon. 

Thanks for the question, and best wishes. 

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When It Comes To The Mommy Makeover, The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

The Mommy Makeover when done as one surgery has advantages emotionally, physically, economically, and psychologically, as opposed to doing the breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck as 3 separate surgeries.

Emotionally, getting ready for 1 surgery is a whole lot easier than getting ready for 3 surgeries.  Recovery from each surgery is time consuming, and there is a post operative depression after each surgery which is emotionally draining and decreases your enthusiasm for the next surgery.

Physically, each surgery and each anesthesia is wearing on the body.  It is difficult to center one's self physically after a surgery.  Imagine how difficult it would be after 3 surgeries, no matter what surgeries they were.  Anesthesia can cause minor, irritating changes in the body such as temporary hair loss or even swelling of the cornea leading to transient blurred vision.  These post anethetic problems are temporary, but physically very annoying.  

Economically, each recovery takes you away from work or requires you to bring in someone to do your daily chores, and the recovery from a Mommy Makeover is shorter than adding up 3 recoveries.  During surgery, operating room time and anesthesia time for 3 operations would certainly increase 50% or even 100% of what a single Mommy Makeover would cost.  If you were to pay for a 3 hour surgery, the only operating time might be 2-1/4 hours due to prepping and draping at the beginning of surgery and then dressing and covering all surgical areas at the end of surgery.  Of course, all this time is anesthesia time as well as operating room time, both of which are paid for by the hour. 

Psychologically, your desire to look better at this moment is based on a holistic view of what happened to you post pregnancy.  However, if you split the surgeries, there is a greater chance you will only do one or two of the surgeries because economics, emotions, and life in general intervene.  When you look back on things, you will wish you had done them all at the same time. 

The short answer is, do the surgeries together.  If you have chosen a Board Certified plastic surgeon experienced in the Mommy Makeover, you will be glad you did the Mommy Makeover all at one time.



Is There Any Benefit of Having a Tummy Tuck and Breast Enlargement at the Same Time?

Patients usually want to have as much done at the same time as possible, but there are both advantages and potential disadvantages and risks.  The only advantages are some financial savings, though this may not be a huge amount.  Many surgeons will give you a discount for a second procedure performed at the same time OR performed later.  Most anesthesiologists charge by the hour plus a set up fee, so doing the procedures together saves a second set up fee but the total hours may not vary that much.  There are two facility fees if they are done separately, but it may be two smaller fees rather than one larger fee.  In terms of mobility and pain after surgery, if the implants are placed subpectorally, using the arms are painful and more limited, and after a tummy tuck with muscle repair the tummy muscles are painful and their use may be more restricted, so getting up and around may be harder.  We also worry about blood clots in the legs and the risk of pulmonary embolus, and this risk is a little higher with tummy tucks, and may be greater if other procedures are combined with a tummy tuck.  These are all issues that should be considered as well as any cost savings.  There is no advantage in terms of quality of result either way.

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Benefits of Mommy Makeover

There is a benefit of having a "Mommy Makeover" as opposed to having a breast augmentation and tummy tuck during separate surgical procedures.  There is a financial benefit for you, as you will only have to pay for anesthesia and operating room facility one time as opposed to twice.  In addition, whenever you have the tummy tuck portion of your procedure, there is going to be a couple of days of downtime.  If you know you also want the breast augmentation, it makes very good sense to do the procedures together. It is  completely safe when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in breast and body contouring.  Good luck to you.  

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Any Benefit of Having a Tummy Tuck and Breast Enlargement at the Same Time?

There is a benefit to combining surgeries as long as the combination is safe, like the Mommy Makeover. There is some financial advantage usually and there is a huge advantage in saving recovery time. With the combination of surgeries you get both recoveries in the time of one. Both are pretty uncomfortable so in our office we use pain pumps for both. These pump local anesthetic (numbing medicines) into the sore areas dramatically reducing pain and the need for narcotics.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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