Why is only half of my tattoo blistering after my laser removal session? (photo)

I had my first session with tattoo laser removal and he said it would blister but only half of it did. Literally in a Line down the middle. Does that mean it didn't work on the other half?

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Blistering after tattoo removal

My only guess is that the settings were changed midstream. I don't think that blisters are desired after treatment because there is more scarring risk with it. Make sure your laser provider knows about this and that the wounds are kept moist with aquaphor or Biafine.

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Thanks for your question and photo. Blistering is normal and if it doesn’t occur, it is not an indicator that the treatment failed. Blistering on one side could result from a couple of different things. Color(s) of tattoo- the laser may pick up on darker pigments causing the energy to be absorbed more. Hope this helps. Best, Dr. Katz

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