Can Anchor Sutures Be Removed at 8 Mo?

Can I have dissolvable sutures behind ears removed if causing tightness after 8 mo? I am tired of the banding affect I am feeling.

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Sutures are unlikely the issue

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After 8 months, it is very unlikely that dissolvable sutures are contributing to your tightness.  The best thing for your symptoms is time- the sensation should get better with time, but I bet you have a good aesthetic result- try to remember why you had the surgery and the positive effects that you are seeing while the temporary discomfort improves.

Dissolvable Sutures 8 Months after Facelift and Sense of Tightness

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     Dissolvable sutures should have dissolved in 8 months.  It is possible that the sutures used were permanent or this may be the affect of scar giving the tight sensation.

Facelift Tightness Not From Absorbable Sutures

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Facelift Tightness Not From Absorbable Sutures and may not be a bad thing.  Certainly after 6 months (three months for most) your sutures are either completely gone or if remnants are still present there is no tensile strength to them. In the long run the early tightness you now feel may translate into years longer of  rejuvenation. 

Suture Removal 8 Months Post Facelift

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Thank you for the question. At 8 months post-op the sutures are not the cause of your tightness, especially since they are absorbable. The tightness your are experiencing is from the scar tissue that has formed. Your best remedy would be massage therapy with or without stretching or ultrasound therapy. If those fail than one could consider steroid therapy, but that has its' own set of possible problems.

I hope this helps. Best of luck.

Sutures removal after facelift

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Since this is dissolvable sutures and used as anchor, I would consult the operating surgeon before removing it. The tightness banding effect is most likely due to scar tissue underneath the skin flap. Massaging therapy, ultrasound, steroid injection can be used to alleviate your condition.

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Stewart Wang, MD FACS, Wang Plastic Surgery

Stewart Wang, MD, FACS
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Should Anchor Sutures be Removed?

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The one word answer to this question is no. After a period of 8 months the sutures themselves, even if permanent, are not creating the "tight" feeling that you complain of. Scar tissue is now the culprit and to help alleviate this sensation measures must be taken to address the scarring. Massage is the primary treatment along with stretching exercises, heat, ultrasound and even steroid injections if all else fails. The occasional patient may even be referred to a pain clinic for other modalities of pain treatment.

Paul S. Howard, MD, FACS
Hoover Plastic Surgeon

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