Anchor Lift with Implants Gone Wrong?

Deflated to AA (B/F'ing), was anchor lift needed? I don't think they are much lifted. Wanted full not projected (full C) but I think they came out terrible & want to know how to fix.

Right breast is lower, bigger and warped. Dual plane mod prof. saline 350cc. HATE the movement w/muscle! (I'm very active). Bottoming out? bad pockets? Now want Memorygel silicone subfascial MORE CLEAVAGE less armpit! bigger or smaller for FULL/ low profile? Thanks!

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Anchor lift gone wrong.

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you do not show a preop picture from the front.. your result will be limited by what you start with.  you appear to be quite slim(i can see ribs). and your breasts are very far apart.  it would be difficult to create more cleavage without using wider implants. the reason for the mastopexy is to give you a higher round look.  without the lift you could have had fuller breasts but in a lower position. it is a choice that had to be made preop

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