Anchor Incisions Under my Breasts Are Really Painful. is This This Normal?

Anchor incisions under my breasts are really painful after my post op surgery (2 weeks post op) dressing was removed. No redness, discharge or fever. Is this normal? OTC painkillers are not working and I dont want to contine narcotics. Any adivce? I am in more pain today than three days after surgery.

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Anchor incisions should not be more painful

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The anchor incision might be tender if the bra places too much pressure under the breast. You might try to loosen the bra, though ordinarily the anchor incision should not be more tender than other breast lift techniques by two weeks. As we cannot tell what is going on you should see your surgeon. Best of luck

Anchor incisions and pain

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Without more knowledge, it is unclear why you would have more pain in your incisions than earlyier post-op. Give it time to heal, but if you are overly concerned, have your doctor look at it.

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