During an Anchor (Fleur Di Lys) TT, Can a Doctor Accidentally Suture Too Deeply?

I am 7 weeks post an anchor tummy tuck and doing well except for one area. About one inch to the left of the center scar and about three inches below the xiphoid process, I have a very localized pinching/pulling pain with certain movements (like using my left hand to reach over my head or turning over in bed). I wonder if my doctor might have stiched too deeply when repairing the muscle and stiched it down to something.

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Localized pinching and pulling after anchor abdominoplasty

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It is not uncommon to have a transient pinch and pull after an anchor tummy tuck.  Sometimes an injection with long lasting local anesthesia will make things better.  This problem should eventually go away as the tissues heal.

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