Difference Between Anatomicals and Full Projection Round Breast Implants?

I have McGhann subpec 410s anatomicals (mod proj) 240ccs, 11cm base, from 32AA to 32C, max size surgeon could insert due to BWD.

I like the shape of Left, but R is relatively flat in uper pole/ smaller compared to L. Would Allergan Full projection rounds/ dual plane give me a full D cup and correct the Right side size problem. I am restricted to 265cc, 295ccs or 325cms in rounds TRF/TSF.

I am 5'5", 110lbs, size 8. Is there a difference in cup size between anatomicals and the same volume in Full projection round?

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Anatomic vs. Round Implants

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It's really very difficult to analyze your problem without photographs... and without knowing your medical/surgical background. You need to make a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

I'd like to give you 2 clues:

  • If you are considering to change only the right one, I think it´s a big mistake. Too different!
  • If you are considering the 2 prostheses replacement, be sure that the aesthetic result will be poor too! If currently, with  TWO IDENTICAL anatomic implants, there is an asimmetry, the final solution never would be "new two identical round ones". Rather than an  "implant shape problem", there is a "breast asimmetry problem" that must be thoroughly evaluated.


Spain Plastic Surgeon

Anatomical or round breast implants

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The choice of a round implant or a breast shaped implant (anatomical) is an area of considerable controversy.

Yet let me give you my opinion, though again I don't see that there is a right or wrong in this issue. I believe that augmentation of the breast is breast enhancement. The enlargement should be a natural enhancement of the size of the breast. Each breast will have a unique characteristic or personality which can be easily filled with a round implant or 'neutral' implant. The implant should also have a softness and flow to best match the natural breast tissue.

I like the 410 implant, which we also call a 'gummy bear' or a stable form implant, in special cases and in breast reconstruction where the natural personality and characteristic of the breast has been lost. However in augmentation the 410 can look flat in the upper part (the implant is indeed flat on top) and the highly cohesive gel can be rather firm and lack a softness and flow as in the natural breast, a more 'stuck on' appearance as one changes positions.

I would choose the higher profile round gel, and would go up at least 100 to 150cc (325cc) to see any real difference. Why such a small implant selection in France? The difference between the anatomical and the round is shape and flow. There will be dissenting views, though I hope I have helped.

Best of luck.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Anatomical implants are not always more anatomical

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It's really hard to know where to start with your questions, but part of the issue seems to be that the "anatomical" implants are not really anatomical in the sense of creating a natural breast shape, at least in your case.

One possibility for the difference between the two breasts would be a capsular contracture on one side, but I would need more information in order to determine that. Another issue is the unreliability of the cup size system, so there is no good way to correlate implant size and type to cup size.

In general, the high profile (full projection) implants are more likely to have the look of a D cup in someone with your measurements.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Anatomic vs. Round

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the difference has to do with the shape of the implant.  But really an implant conforms to the pocket created for it.  I routinely use smooth round implants but my dual plane pocket facilitates a natural tear drop shaped result.

Difference Between Anatomicals and Full Projection Round Breast Implants

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Full projection (High Profile) will give you greater upper breast fullness when compared to an anatomic (tear drop shaped) implant but I don't understnad the difference between your right and left.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Review of breast implants

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Without photos, an exam, etc. it is very difficult to answer this question. I agree with the other doctor that you are best off seeking out a qualifed surgeon in your community to help you with this one. Sorry.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Anatomicals and full projection round breast implants differences

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It's an impossible question to answer over the internet without before and after photos, medical/surgical history in more detail. I agree with Dr. Rand see in person boarded surgeons to explain the differing implant options.


Effects of different breast implants

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Really, you are asking a very complicated question and with no exam or photos it is not possible to answer it. You should seek the opinion of the best breast surgeons in your area and ask them what can be done. Also, please realize that your own body and its asymmetries may make it impossible to do better than what you already have.

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