Anatomicals. Downsizing Silicone Unders With Gummy Bears From Sientra?

My Plastic Surgeon has offered to downsize my 450cc HP silicone unders with gummy bears from Sientra. He will give me the Sientras at no cost, waive his fee, and only charge anesthesia. Given the complexity of tear drop pockets is it safe to do it? What guarantee comes with surgery if it rotates? Should I stick w round 300cc's? I started as 32A athletic w very narrow chest.

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Downsizing to Sientra

Anytime you downsize you have additional work to do.  First you must repair the pocket to match the size of the implant.  When using a shaped implant the dimensions of the chest must match the implant to get the best results.  Having used the Sientra shaped implants I have been very happy with the results .  You don't say however whether you are getting shaped or round implants.  It is very generous of your PS to do this for you.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster from Boca Raton.

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Implant selection

The type and shape of your implants are just part of the equation to help you achieve your goals.   First, if your goal to be smaller?  Why are you considering an implant exchange?  In addition to considering your implant shape/type, the technique utilized for your augmentation and implant size selection are very important.  If you have decided on the anatomic sientra implants, make sure your surgeon is utilizing dimensional planning (taking multiple measurements  of your breast width and height etc) to determine which implant size is best for your body type.  Hope this is helpful.

Dr. Basu

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