Are teardrop (anatomical) and round measurments/cc differ?

I had two consultations both PS are board certified and uses Mentor silicone implants. One PS believes 400cc 12.3diameter 5.1 projection ROUND implants will achieve me goal, other PS believes 350cc 12diameter 12.5height 5.1 projection TEARDROP implants. My question is...both seems very similar in diameter and projection but 50cc difference. Are they equivalent??

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Volume is the same

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but the shape different... and when working with spheres, small changes in volume like 50 cc is inappreciable.  You can experiment with balloons, filling one balloon with one more ounce to see if you can see the difference.  This is more noticeable at very small volumes but not appreciated at larger volumes such as what you are looking at.

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