Prp and chemical peels combined.

Hi I have done prp treatments in the past... Now I'm considering a chemical peel. Is it recommended to get a prp before or after a chemical peel... Or is possible both before and after... Would getting a prp before a peel a waste? If not how long before or after is recommended a prp for a peel... Thanks

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PRP Injections or Mcroneedling?

Hello and thank you for your question. It is unclear if you are asking about PRP injections or Microneedling with PRP. MIcroneedling with PRP and chemical peels are a great combination to improve and rejuvenate your skin. I would recommend having a chemical peel 3 weeks prior to your microneedling with PRP.  If you are asking about PRP injections you can do your injections 1 week prior to a chemical peel or 1 week after. You do not want to do the injections and peel on the same visit. To achieve the best results I would recommend consulting with your provider so they can evaluate your skin and determine a treatment plan for you. Hope this helps! Dr Faraz

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