Is it normal for the breast to have a sloshing effect 4 day after surgery with the gummy implants ?

I had Saline implants removed after a deflation and capsule contracture in the other one. My body tends to be prone to capsule contracture as this is my fourth set of implants. I'm just concerned about when massaging my left breast there's a lot of sloshing it feels like there's fluid in there , is this normal for days after surgery getting the new gummy implants?

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Capsular Contracture

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No one is 'prone to capsular contracture'. Were your original surgeries all done through an inframammary incision? Was an implant delivery funnel used? Was a total en bloc capsulectomy performed by meticulous electrocautery dissection for treatment of your capsular contracture?  Was an acellular dermal matrix product used?  Unfortunately, frequently the answer is no to many or all of these questions, but instead the patient was given instructions to massage their implants, take Singulair or vitamin E, or told to spend more money on high tech devices that transmit ultrasound/laser/radio frequency energy through the skin.  Are your 'gummy implants' round or shaped? Are they smooth or textured? Either way, a sloshing sound indicates an air/fluid interface around the implants, something that is not conducive to normal healing with a soft, pliable capsule, and putting you at risk for another capsular contracture. If your implants are shaped and textured, the only real 'gummy' devices, then they are not sitting in their pockets like a 'hand in glove', and will be prone to rotation. I would wear a supportive bra, avoid any upper body movement, and revisit my surgeon to discuss these issues. Best of luck!

Postoperative "Sloshing" After Breast Revision

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It is not uncommon to have some sloshing sounds shortly after surgery.  This will usually resolve with time and is not of a concern.

I would discuss this with your surgeon, in addition to if it is necessary to massage your breast with the implants you have had placed.  If you have "new gummy" implants, which happen to be the shaped textured kind, then usually we don't have our patients massage those types of implants.

Hope that helps.


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it would not be uncommon to have some fluid accumulate in the pocket after a revision breast surgery if no drains were left in place(they don't have to be, surgeons call on the table). Discuss with your surgeon

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