Nipple piercings OK to have done?

I had my BA in June 2016, and was wondering if it's ok to get nipple piercings?

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Breast Augmentation and Nipple Piercing

Breast Augmentation and Nipple Piercing are two separate operations and each have their risks. I have had many patients with nipple piercings before and after breast augmentation, and have yet to see a problem. On the other hand, there are reports of breast piercing becoming infected and that infection spreading to the breast implants, resulting in the breast implants needing to be removed. 

Nipple piercing rarely causes breast implant problems, but when it does the results can be disastrous. For you, is it worth the risk?

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Nipple piercings OK to have done?

Thank you for the question. This always a risk for infection with any procedure and you have to take precautions. There is no substitute for sterile technique. I would recommend you speak to your board certified plastic surgeon and see what they have to say. Good luck.

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Nipple piercings OK to have done?

Thank you for your question.  There is a risk of infection during piercing which can be transmitted downward into the breast and the implant.  Because of this I recommend against nipple piercing after breast augmentation.  I am influenced by 1 patient from another practice who had nipple piercings after breast augmentation and developed a very serious infection around the implants resulting in having to take the implants out.

Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t recommend getting them pierced. Even though it is low risk, there is still potential for complications and infection to occur. You really should try to reduce your risk of infection in the breast area as it can cause complications with your breast implants. Ultimately, the decision is yours but remember when making the decision that even though it is a low risk procedure, there is still a chance of complications arising. I hope this helps.
Good luck in your endeavors!

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It should be ok to proceed with nipple piercings at this point, but it is always best to first check with your surgeon.  There is a small risk of infection that can occur with the piercings that can be transferred to the implant.  If you choose to move ahead, be sure that sterile technique is used, not just sterile instruments.

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Nipple piercing after breast augmentation

I feel that three months is a fair amount of time to wait between elective procedures. As such, there will be no increased risk of getting a nipple ring after a breast augmentation.

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Nipple piercing post BA

Yes you should be able to get your nipples pierced at this point, but you should confirm this with your surgeon first to make sure they are on board.  There are some potential risks associated with piercing and infection.  If you proceed, make sure the piercing place is reputable, clean, and uses sterile technique that you would expect from a medical facility.

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Nipple piercing after breast augmentation?

    There is a risk of developing an infection in the breast after a nipple piercing since the ducts in the nipple communicate with the rest of the breast.  Although this is a small risk, be aware of it, since an infection could lead to removal of your implants.

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Piercing nipples after augmentation are not recommended

but can you get away with it if you did it?  Certainly.  But there are anecdotal experiences of piercing getting infected leading to explant.  If you are accepting of that possibility, then get them pierced... and if not, then do not.

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Nipple piercing

Thanks for an excellent question which gave me time to review the medical literature.  There is clearly a risk when any body piercing is done to transmit blood borne disease if technique is not proper or if there is contamination.  And of course, there is a risk of infection during the procedure.  Once it has healed and established, I could not find a good journal article that gave the incidence of late infection, but in my own practice I have had to remove or treat many piercing infections in multiple locations on the body, but have not seen one on the breast yet.  Please check with your own surgeon and good luck.  

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