Lump on face following facelift? (Photo)

I had a face lift 9 days ago. I am healing great and everything looks good to my doctor. Today I had a bout of nausea after eating some frozen yogurt. I threw up and immediately felt something swell in my upper cheek area. I can see s swollen lump there now. I am calling my doctor tomorrow and applying ice tonight. Could I have pulled something?

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Facelift swelling at 9 days

Any straining in the first 2 weeks after a facelift has the potential to cause a blood vessel to open and result in bleeding (aka hematoma). Your surgeon should be able to take care of it in the office by aspirating it with a needle. 

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Lump on face following facelift

It appears that a small blood vessel may have torn and caused some swelling,. Your surgeon can take care of that in the office for you when you see him.

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You should have seen your surgeon by now

and an aspiration was probably done to remove the bump and find out what it was.  Hopefully its self-limited and will not recur.

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It is possible that the vomiting caused muscle animation that resulted in a small bleed in this area.  Have your surgeon examine you and possibly aspirated this area to help it resolve.  Another option is to open up the incision near the ear and dissect to this area to help drain the fluid.   This can be done with local anesthesia.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 


Hello and thank you for your question. This could be a small hematoma or just swelling.  I recommend returning to your surgeon as soon as possible to have it evaluated.

Best wishes and good luck.

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Dear KIKI825Thank you for your question and photo.  The swelling looks like a small bleed or a parotid collection.With Warm RegardsTrevor M Born MD

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Lump on face following facelift?

This is likely representing a hematoma forming under the skin. Contact your surgeon ASAP.Ron Hazani, MD

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Facelift lump

A sudden lump over the face after a facelift is caused by a hematoma; in general you should have the hematoma aspirated before it gets firm. Please contact your surgeon.

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Lump on face following facelift?

Swelling immediatly after straining in a postoperative patient is almost always a hematoma. The sooner you see your doctor the better. 

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Facelift: lump after vomiting

Facelift is a surgery to improve the skin on the lower part of the face.  Strenuous activity, straining, vomiting, or other activities that elevate your blood pressure may cause a vessel to bleed underneath the skin. This collection is called a hematoma. This will need to be drained by your surgeon. I would recommend seeing your surgeon, so they can examine you and treat you accordingly. Safety comes first. 

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