How Long Will I Have to Wait to Have my Breast Done Over? (photo)

I thought I would give more information about my breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy 3/22/2012 stage lllA her2- 15 lymph nodes removed 7 had cancer and my tumor was 3.6 cm expanders were put in same time as mastectomy. 6 chemo treatments which lasted 6 to 7 hours a day, then 36 radiation treatments on right breast. Then implants were placed 1/22/2013 900 cc in one and 950cc in other. so here are a few mor pics. Did this while feeling depressed not knowing the knowledge I would receive.

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How Long to Wait For Breast Revision After Mastectomy, Reconstruction and Radiation

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From your photographs and the brief history you gave I will try to offer a reasonable approach to revision after breast reconstruction.  The important factor in formulating a plan is the fact that you underwent radiation treatment on the right.  In my experience the tissue will start to show signs of radiation dermitis approximately 4 to 8 months after treatment.  I would therefore suggest you wait at least 8 to 12 months to allow the reconstructed right breast to fully heal.  At that time if the irradiated breast becomes to disfigured then revision would be an option. I have offered the following to my patients in the situation similar to yours.

  1. Right Latissimus Flap with exchange of implant
  2. You will probable have to go down at least a cup size to achieve symmetry if revision is necessary

I am sure your reconstructive surgeon will review your options with you at the appropriate time.  Good Luck

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