How can I improve my teeth's middle line? (photos)

Hello! My name is Andrea and I have this problem with my teeth that won't let me sleep. My middle line is not straight and it seems that the rest of my upper teeth are inclined upwards a bit. I'm already using braces but I'm not sure my odontologist is doing anything to change that. Here is a picture of my teeth.

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Can a Midline Deviation Be Corrected With Braces?

I would recommend that you ask your orthodontist if shifting your midline is part of the treatment plan. It is highly unlikely that correcting (or at the very least improving) the midline is not part of your doctor's plan. 

Your pre-maxilla (front part of your palate) is underdeveloped. It is probable that braces alone will NOT provide sufficient development to allow a substantial shift of the midline as your case requires. In order to create the necessary space to shift your midline you would either need to develop your pre-maxilla (this is done using a removable appliance) or slenderize the teeth on the left side of you upper left central incisor.

Good luck!

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