Are these breast reduction scars hypertrophic or keloids? Will scar revision help? (Photo)

I am 10 weeks post op from my breast reduction. I am happy with the results other than how my body is healing. My incisions are red, beefy, and painful. My surgeon said they are keloids and that a scar revision can be done at my 3 months post op apt in 2 weeks. Will this help? Or will the same thing happen again? Also, the scars around my nipples are beginning to widen very slightly and raise a little bit. Will it get worse?

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Keloid scars overgrow the boundary of the original incision, these do not look like keloid scars.  You have some slight hypertrophy but really the thing I see most is the redness.  Redness in scars is variable, seems worse in fair skinned people, but improves significantly with time.  Please be patient with your scars, avoid sun exposure.  I would not recommend any scar revision until at least 6 mo postop, and then very cautiously.  Good luck, Jane 

Breast Reduction Scaring

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You have hypertrophic scaring. It is very early in your recovery, and 3 months is too soon and perhaps not the right method of scar improvement. I usually wait a few more months before trying a vascular laser. Sometimes a few treatments are necessary to improve color, itchiness, and thickness. Silicone sheeting should also be used during this period.  In fact, silicone sheeting would be good right away for you. 

In the past, injections of corticosteroids was considered appropriate, but this can leave the scar looking depressed, discolored, and wide. I would not consider surgical scar revision until laser therapy has been attempted.

Best of luck!

Breast Reduction and Scarring

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Congratulations on your breast reduction surgery, as it is life changing.

You are very early on during your healing and I would not consider scar revision at this time.  I generally have my patients start a scar treatment program which includes using silicone tape early on to help prevent hypertrophic scars.  I also generally ask them to keep the area out of the sun for the first year.  If they are going to have sun exposure, good sunblock with zinc oxide is recommended.

I generally don't advise for scar revision until the scars have gone through the healing phase which generally last up to a year.  This is because the scar can continue to improve until then.

Good luck.


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Thank you for the short history and photos and I agree with Dr Morgan and would treat these conservatively with Siligen strips and give more time for healing

Dr Corbin

Breast reduction - are these keloids or hypertrophic scars

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Thank you for asking about your breast reduction.

  • Your scars at least as seen in the photos are defintely NOT keloids.
  • They are minimally hypertrophic scars.
  • You should NOT have surgery for at least 6 months after surgery.
  • Besides this, surgery is not the standard treatment for keloids.
  • You should wear silicone strips over the scars for now.
  • At six months, any residual thick scars can be injected with very dilute steroid or methotrexate.
  • If the scars are intolerably itchy now, they can be injected sooner.
  • It is likely that you will heal with the same kind of scar is you have a scar revision. 
  • Most plastic surgeons are very good at evaluating scars like this -
  • If your surgeon is not a plastic surgeon, I suggest you consult a plastic surgeon before having any further scar treatment from your current surgeon.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Breast reduction scars

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Thank you for your question. It appears that you have some hypertrophic scarring of your incisions. It can take up to a year to know the final results of any scars. I think you got a really nice result. I would recommend waiting to see what your scars look like at one year time. Good luck. 

Incision lines at 10 weeks

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Your incision lines are 10 weeks old and by no means keloids; you need to performing aggressive incision line management so that you can optimize your incision line healing; this includes: silicone gell sheeting; IPL; and possible steroid injections; at 6 months you may evaluate your incision lines for scarring.

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