After a capsulectomy should there be a drain bag place? Is it recomended?

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Should a drain tube be placed with a breast capsule removal?

Placement of drains is up to the plastic surgeon. Some feel it helps with capsular contracture. I personally do not favor them and have even reduced using them for TT unless I find excessive bleeding at surgery.

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Drains after capsulectomy

Thank you for your question.  You will likely get different answers from different surgeons.  Ultimately, it will come down to findings at surgery and surgeon preference.  If you are having a capsulectomy and implant removal, your surgeon will very likely leave a drain to prevent a seroma (fluid pocket).  If you are having an implant exchange at the time of capsule removal, some surgeon will place a drain to remove the fluid so that the breast pocket will stick down to the implant and help to prevent implant movement.  Other surgeons will argue that placing an external drain with an implant may increase risk of implant infection.   Best to discuss with your surgeon directly.  Good luck.  

Matthew H. Steele, MD
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Drains are only recommended

with use of the textured  shaped implants as fluid collections around them can impair healing and impact the ingrowth of tissue into the texturing.  Simply removing a capsule does not require drains in my practice.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Drains after capsulectomy

Drain placement after capsulectomy depends on intraoperative findings and it is up to surgeon preference deepening on extent of capsulectomy. I commonly place drains for capsulectomy.

Sara Yegiyants, MD, FACS
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Capsuletcomty and drains

Capsulectomy does not require drains to be placed; exception involves surgery that demonstrates excessive bleeding which is determined intraoperatively.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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