Will nipples ever stop being erect? And is it possible to accidentally displace an implant? (Photo)

I seem to be constantly nipping out. I am currently still taping on my ps advice regarding scars. Will they ever go down, 310cc hp overs with a reduction on the right. I was having hotel sex and I put a lot of pressure on my right breast some axillary pain. It appears to have lost height on the upper portion of my right breast.

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Its difficult to appreciate your concerns on your photos

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but if your PS is still providing advice about your incisions, its best to simply see him/her for further evaluation of your concerns.  I'm not familiar with the word 'nipping out' but if its your areola sticking out from your cup, and it wasn't like that before, its possible your implants could be settling lower which shifts the areola higher.


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Erect nipples are common after surgery.  This can take several weeks to months to improve.  As for your hotel sex and breast changes, you need to see your PS to make sure everything is ok.


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Yes I warn every patient, the ducts are clogged and the nipples stick out for a bit, typically goes away can take up to 3 months!

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