How long does it takes for a patient to go blind after the symptoms of possible blindness occurs?

A patient has to contact the doctor soon when the symptoms of blindness occurs how much time does a patient have before he/she gets blind? And does bleeding inside the eyes after surgery lead to blindness be helped in time?

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How long before blindness is irreversible

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As I'm sure you're aware, there are many causes of blindness, from vascular occlusion to trauma to retinal detachment. The time it takes for blindness to be permanent or irreversible is very much dependent on the cause. Blindness is a very rare phenomenon after facial injections or periocular surgery, but when it happens it is most likely caused by vascular occlusion, either from a foreign substance (such as dermal filler or fat) in an artery, or bleeding behind the eye causing enough pressure on the eye to stop the flow of blood to the eye. In either case, and in all vascular causes of blindness, it is thought that blindness is irreversible in about 90 minutes.

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