When can I lift my arms and carry things weighing 25lbs?

I'm having an explant & fat transfer to my breasts done soon and I was wondering when 1: I can lift my arms again after surgery and 2: When can I lift things weighing about 25 lbs again? I have 375cc implants, behind the muscle and I have had them for 6 years. They will be removed, but there will be no capsulectomy. The consultant at the surgeon office tells me I can probably do both things again within a week. This seems a bit fast though..I'd love to read some more doctors opinions.

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Lifting after surgery

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The answer to this question will vary based on the details of the surgery and the surgeon's preferences.  I would suggest that the best way to go about any recovery process is slowly.  Don't go from no lifting one day to lifting 25 pounds the next.  Go slowly and see how your body handles the increase.  Best wishes.

Recovery time

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In my opinion everyone heals at a different rate.  I tell my patients "if it hurts, don't do it".  That being said lifting your arms and lifting should be reasonable within a week. Jane

Post Op Explant and Fat Transfer

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The best person to answer your questions is your surgeon.  He knows exactly how much fat he will be transfering, the type of implants he is removing, and your medical history.  Best wishes for a rapid recovery.

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