What are the important questions a patient should ask about eyelid surgery?

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Ask About Common and Uncommon (serious) Complications

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When you learn about possible complications, ask if your surgeon has had them occur in patients.  What was the final outcome?  Ask how complicated your particular case is.  Will you need surgery on the upper as well as lower lids?  Will you need skin resurfacing as well?  Surgery on all four lids, with multiple incisions, will be more complicated than upper eye lids  alone.  I hope your experience is a good one.

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Eyelid surgery questions

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Who is performing your surgery? Board-certified surgeon?

 Who is performing your anesthesia? General anesthesia or local anesthesia?

Where is the surgery performed? Certified and/or licensed outpatient surgery center?

How many eyelid surgery procedures have you performed in your career, and how many  have you performed in the last month? 

William Portuese, MD
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