Huge lines/wrinkles on my eyes, and cheeks when I smile? (Photos)

I have big wrinkles under my eyes and on my cheeks, but only when I smile. Otherwise my skin looks pretty smooth. Why is that and how can i treat them? I don want to use Botox and i am 42 years old

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Smile lines

These types of wrinkles are called "dynamic" wrinkles because they occur with muscle movement, in this case, when you smile.  Over time, these wrinkles become "static", or present even when the face is at rest.  I understand that people are cautious about medications like Botox, but it is a safe, effective way not only to treat these wrinkles in the dynamic state, but routine use will help minimize longterm static wrinkles.  Speak with a provider who uses neuromodulators in their practice (there are more brands than just Botox) for a more in depth discussion about the risks and benefits of those agents.  I think you'd be very pleased with the effect.

Be sure you have a good skin care regimen as well.  Cleanse, tone, and protect your skin (anti-oxidants and sunscreen!) to keep it healthy.

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