Will eye drops help with dry eyes after upper or lower eyelid surgery?

If a patient has already dry eyes, will the dryness get worse, will eye drops help and does the extra dryness get better and left with the dryness what the patient first had?

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Blepharoplasty for patients with dry eyes

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Eyelid surgery in patients with pre-existing dry eyes needs to be approached with caution.  A thorough evaluation of the patient's unique anatomy of the eyelids is mandatory. Special technical considerations and proper execution of surgery is imperative. Typically there could be some temporary worsening of dry eye symptoms.  On rare occasion the symptoms could be exacerbated permanently. Proper evaluation, correct choice of surgical maneuvers and diligent supportive care with drops, etc. should ensure excellent result with minimal complications.  Seek out a very experienced plastic surgeon for an in person evaluation.

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Will eye drops help with dry eyes after upper or lower eyelid surgery?

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Hello Libbra - Thanks for your question. If you start with dry eyes preop, you could have worse dry eyes after surgery. This may be temporary or it could be permanent if you have any problems with healing. Eye drops and eye gels are a must after blepharoplasty surgery in my practice. I would suggest that you consult with an expert in eyelid surgery for more information. 

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Dry eyes after blepharoplasty

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It is common to have some transient dry eye complaints in the first week or two for many patients undergoing blepharoplasty, especially when operating on the upper and lower eyelids at the same time.

With conservative blepharoplasty the dry eye symptoms typically improve quickly.  Artificial tears eye drops can be very helpful, and some patients may also notice improvement with use of a lubricating eye ointment at night.

Pre-exisiting dry eye complaints should be noted before surgery.  It is especially important to have a conservative surgery performed in patients who already have issues with dry eyes. 

"Dry eyes" is a little more complicated than people think.  The dryness can be related to a range of anatomic and medical or physiologic factors, so it is hard to generalize on this topic.  If you have issues with dry eye complaints you should certainly bring that to the attention of your surgeon as it may alter some aspects of the technique used for your blepharoplasty.

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