Will my hair grow back?

Hey Im 18 years almost 19, and I have a vitamin D defiency, and Im losing hair, my hair line is starting to reduce, I can still cover it but I cant have a nice haircut anymore they I used to when I was 17, Im getting good vitamin D medicine now and will take maybe a month or 2 to fix my defiency, Is there a chance for my hairline to grow back ?

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Hair loss in men

If you have hair loss and you are a male, the cause for this is almost 99%. If you have a Vitamin D deficiency and this is the cause, it may reverse. 

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Vitamin D and hairline changes - no relation

It's good to correct vitamin D deficiency but that in and of itself will not cause hairline regrowth. Please see a hair specialist for diagnosis and appropriate treatment advice.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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