Amount of Work Involved to Repair Nose?

Hello, I am considering having my nose fixed. It was initially broken playing baseball as a child, and I can feel the hump and its "cracked" area inside. I have often have trouble breathing through my nose and hate its appearance. I'd like to be taken back to what my nose would look like if it hadn't been broken. Inasmuch, I've included photos... How much work would be involved to make my nose actually fit my face and not appear so damaged... Thank you in advance for your openion. K

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Improve breathing and appearance of nose - nose job - rhinoplasty

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Based on the photos your provided, it appears you would be a good candidate for rhinoplasty with taking down your hump and rotating your nasal tip.  Intranasal and functional work should be done at the same time which would depend on the issues involved (deviated septum, nasal valves, turbinates).  Seek an expert opinion and someone with rhinoplasty experience for an evaluation.

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Your posted photos show a dorsal hump on the bridge and a slightly drooping tip. The nose looks straight but it is hard to tell because the frontal photo itself is not straight. These 2 issues should be corrected by a standard rhinoplasty rasping of the bridge with infracture of the nasal bones and trimming of the tip cartilage. It is unclear from just these photos why you have trouble breathing. Therefore it is impossible to say what surgery would be recommended. If the nasal valves collapse with breathing that will need to be corrected. Unfortunately dynamic problems like that are not visible in a static photo. Hence the need to see a qualified surgeon face to face before deciding on surgery.

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