Does Amount of Fat Removed Affect the Recovery Period After Smart Lipo?

I am planning on getting rid of some extra fat that diet and exercise failed to remove, I don't have much. The procedure will be done on upper/lower abdomen, waist and back. I saw a lot of reviews where it states that the recovery time can take up to 8 months, and quite painful. Does it depend on the amount of fat removed? If I get my procedure done in April, would I be able to wear 2 piece bathing suite, lets say in July, or will I still have visible swelling and bruising? Thanks

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The more fat removed them ore skin tightening is needed. This takes time. It sounds like you just need a little contouring. Although healing will still be going on by July, you will be done with bruising. Y ou may still have some numbness, but, no pain. A two piece is definitely possible.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Smart lipo recovery

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It's true that you will continue to see gradual improvement in your results for eight months or longer. For small volume removal like you're talking about you should be able to see results you're happy with in a couple of months as long as you are instructed in proper massage after and you are diligent in doing it daily!

Liposuction and recovery

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In general, liposuction takes a few days or so to recover from.  The swelling may take several months to settle down.

Recovery after lipo

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pretty unusual to see bruising hang around more than 10 days or 2 weeks. even though there is still swelling and you certainly are not at your very best most people see the majority of the results at the end of a month or so. yes this process is definitely volume related. sounds like you are on the smaller side and you should do fine. most people don't appreciate the fact that you must use a regular cannula at the end. the laser will meltthe fat but you cannot leave a puddle of that stuff hanging around. it is that final removal part that causes bruises

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

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