Flat nose: what type of surgery is suitable for my nose?

I am Arab,so a flat nose is not usually common.My family has long, straight noses, except for me. I was born with a flatter nose, it is leaning towards the left side, which means my left nostril is smaller than my right, and it is missing cartilage.It has improved over the years, I can see it from photos, it has gotten straighter, but you can still see the deformity. I have been seeing doctors for years now,but I haven't found a suitable one yet.One said this is a mild form of Binder's syndrome.

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Surgery for a flat nose

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It depends if by flat nose you mean lack of projection of the nasal dorsum or a nose that is too wide? Possibly both are involved. You would need to have a consultation and image session prior to surgery.

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Rib graft for dorsal augmentation and cephalic trim

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Hi Jasmine. Thanks for the photos. Rib graft for dorsal augmentation and cephalic trim is recommended in your case. However, at the moment the skin might be too tight and will not accomodate the grafts comfortably. Massage the overlying skin for atleast a year before you opt for these procedures. 

Open Rhinoplasty with cartilage grafts

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Thank you very much for posting so many pictures.It is certainly a difficult case because there is shortage of skin and you will need cartilage grafts to tip, bridge and probably also a septal extension.I would recommend an open rhinoplasty and set this right once and for all.The technical detail of this procedure can be confirmed only with an accurate assessment including the function of your upper airways.I wish you the best of luck,

Stefano Cotrufo, MD, PhD
London Plastic Surgeon
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Flat and short nose

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Hello  jasmineali, you absolutely need a nose surgery. What kind of syndrome you have is only a scientific issue. For me you need some kind of augmentation rhinoplasty with cartilage grafts. Your nose should be lengthened, your tip and dorsum should be refined. I personally use "Turkish Delight" technique for patients like you and having great results. Regards.

Ege Ozgentas, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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