How to fix my thyroid eye disease bulging eye? (Photo)

I was diagnosed with grave's disease in March2016.My thyroid is now stable but im left with a bulging eye as cortisone treatment didn't work. I consulted with an oculoplastic surgeon for orbital decompression he told me my thyroid has to be stable for a year before i can do it.i've been postponing my wedding for a year because of my eye and im sad to hear that i have to wait again. Is there another solution even if temporary to fix my eye before i can get surgery next year?

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No there is no temporary fix for this.

Surgeons do vary regarding the timing of surgery.  It is critical to have state of the art orbital care for this.  Make sure whoever you are seeing is highly experienced.  A second opinion is a good idea even if you have to travel for this opinion.  

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