I had my breast augmentation and cheek implants surgery two days ago

I'm so in pain and haven't moved a lot from my bed, my doctor recommended to take a shower daily , I took a shower yesterday but I'm afraid of any infection , any advices to make it less painful and can I use cold Compresses on my face cause it's soo swollen I hope it worths all this pain

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Pain after surgery

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I congratulate you on completing both of your surgeries at once, that's a lot of recovery in one go!

Two days post-op pain is expected and will last for a couple weeks. Then soreness for a few months. Surgical pain is the real deal. Showering should be OK since your surgeon has recommended it, most likely to help from getting infections. Ice packs are absolutely recommended for reducing the swelling and bruising that comes with any facial surgery. Implants can be very rewarding to the patient but only once swelling noticeably goes down. This happens 7-10 days post operation but final results will take longer. Ask your plastic surgeon what diet and mouthwash he recommends for you as well. 

Good luck and best wishes!

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