Can my Eyes Be Fixed and Look Symmetrical Ever Again? (photo)

I did an eyelid surgery on both of my eyes but the doctor did a good job on my left eye and left my right eyelid looking disfigured!!..I stopped taking photos ..weakened my self-esteem I have to always apply eye lubricants or they go dry and burn . My questions are , Can the right be fixed ? why do I look crossed eyed in photos while i am not ?will I need skin graft? Will they look SYMMETRICAL ever again?will it cause scarring? why does my right eye look smaller whenever I take a photo?

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Revision eyelid surgery

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The human face is asymmetrical and even after surgery both eyes and eyelids can not be made the same. I would recommend talking with your surgeon and reviewing your before and after photos and even talking to a another surgeon for a second opinion.

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