What Can You Do for my Eyelid?

I had my upper eyelids done about 14 months ago but the doctor cut too much from my right eye which caused it to be more "pulled",so regularly there is an infection in the right eye,especially the RIGHT eye,like for example white dots and stings inside my eyelids , and most importantly whenever I touch the tip of my upper eyelid in the right eye it hurts (stings a lot),Why do I have so many infections and can you give me any sort of hope if this can be revisioned in future . Thank you.

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What can be done when Too Much Skin is Removed from the Upper lid?

When too much skin is removed from the upper lid or an injury causes scar which sortens the upper lid resulting in an inability to completely close the eye the immediate risk is drying of the normally moist eyeballouter lining which can result in irritation and even ulceration and scarring. In the short term, the lid is taped at night time and lubricating drops are used frequently. The eye lids may even be stitched shot to keep scarring from lifting the upper lid away. In the long term when healing is complete some people may require release of the scar with various techniques including a small skin graft to add height to the shortened lid to permit closure.

you need to consult a Good Plastic surgeon to advise you on the course which may be best for you.

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What Can You Do for my Eyelid?

It would be best to have a complete examination of your eyelids.  It does sound like they are malpositioned.  There is corrective surgery for this.  See an Oculoplastic surgeon.

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Incomplete eyelid closure

It sounds as if you may have developed lagopthalmus from your description which can result in issues of dry eyes and irritations and blepharitis or low grade infections. The first step is I would recommend you see an opthalmologist to have your eyes evaluated and then you can go with his/her referral from there. Good luck.

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