Almost unbearable pain on bottom of right breast left of incision. Could it be a pulled muscle?

I am 5 days postop, 375cc unders. after getting the ace bandages removed I had my first bowel movement (finally) Strained myself quite a bit. And since then I have had a horrible piercing pain under my right breast, left of my incision, towards the center of my chest. Barely any movement brings me to tears. Could I have pulled a muscle or is this normal? Trying to cut back on the Percocet but now I am back up to 2 every 4-5 hours :( Also, I have no bruising but hurts to even touch the area.

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Almost unbearable pain on bottom of right breast.

Questions such as yours deserve an immediate call to you surgeon for help. No one should have unbearable pain after augmentation so call and get direct help.

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Almost unbearable pain on bottom of right breast left of incision. Could it be a pulled muscle?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your sudden onset of pain.  Because this is a significant change in your recovery I would see your surgeon for an in-person evaluation.  Though it is a good sign that you have not had any physical changes to your appearance, with an appropriate diagnosis your physician can provide you options at treatment and reassurance.  Hope this helps.

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Pulled muscle?

Hello, a pulled muscle could certainly cause a lot of pain but you would require a proper assessment to help determine the cause.  Your surgeon might also be able to make additional suggestions regarding pain relief.

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