Can Invisalign fix this openbite? (photos)

I need treatment for my openbite and I've read Invisalign can be best in some cases. I've provides not photos. Seeing those, do you think Invisalign would work or would I need braces? Also, ignore chipped tooth, I'm getting it fixed next week

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Best treatment for extremely narrow maxilla and open bite: DNA Appliance

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I strongly suggest looking into orthpedocally growing your jaws with the DNA Appliance.  You have a pathologically underdeveloped maxilla.  I would also work with an Oral and myofunctional therapist to correct inappropriate tongue habits
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Open Bite

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In my hands I have been fortunate to treat numerous patients using the clear aligner systems and the results have been very good. Since there are other factors to that need to be evaluated, like skeletal form, jaw shape, size, etc, we highly recommend a comprehensive evaluation to determine the treatment and length of time.I am confident your final results will be excellent.All the best,

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