Does Americhoice Cover Invisalign?

I have really weird teeth, and i dont even smile, if i do its with my mouth shut. It makes me so self concious about the way i look. I can not afford invisilign, and i was wondering if anyone knows if Americhoice covers invisilign?

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Insurance coverage is best answered by the insurance company

With SO many companies out there, it is impossible to know them all.  Call Americhoice and ask, and the way it is asked is key.  Only ask if there is an orthodontic benefit, as the method used is irrelevant.  Very few (likely none) cover orthodontics 100%, so financing may be a key step for you.

Seattle Dentist
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Not sure about amerilife..

Call your HR person and ask them about your policy. You need an ortho coverage to cover a small portion for braces of any kind. There arent any that cover all of the cost...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist
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