Nearly 3 weeks post op. I had a breast lift. With 600cc silicone implants. Stitching on right side nipple seems open. (photo)

Please assist me in am nearly 3 weeks post op and my stiching around my Areola has pulled loose. I'm concerned that this will leave ugly scaring. The hole seems to be getting bigger. My Doc has said that I should clean daily and try keep the wound dry and it will naturally heal it self. The other nipple is perfectly fine. The skin on the right side seems alot more tighter than the left side which has healed so far perfectly fine.

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Open wound around nipple following BAm and lifts

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Hi nolonger,  I think that, at this point, your doctor is correct. Keep the wound clean as he directs. Believe it or not, the wound will most likely heal by itself. You may need a scar revision in the future  (probably in 7-10 months) and you should then be able to get a nicer result, so do not worry too much.Certainly if the wound opens more, go back and see your physician.Best, Dr. Christine Rodgers

POstop wound in Breast lift procedure

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Thanks for posting your question and photos!Based on the photo you posted, you have a slight separation of your periareolar incision. Your plastic surgeon is counselling you appropriately in how to care for the area and you should expect that area to heal on its own. The scar after a small area of incision dehiscence rarely needs revision due to unsightly appearance, but if it does-you should wait a full 8-12 months to take this on to allow for full healing prior to intervening. 
Best wishes!

Rachel Streu, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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