Swollen ear after otolasty?

I had an otoplasty on one of my ears 2 months and 10 days ago.However my ear is swollen and closer to the head than the other.It also appears to be a bit bigger.The difference is visible from behind.In the course of these 2 months and 10 days the swolloness has decreased and my ear has relaxed and has come out more.Will my ear appears smaller and thinner after the swelling dissappears?Will it relax and come a bit more forward?My point is when will i see the final results? 3 months? six? a year?

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Unilateral otoplasty

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Swelling can persist for many months depending on your level of activity. Also our facial features including ears are not symmetrical. Added to that is the fact that you had surgery only on one ear which makes the assymetry that much more pronounced. You are focusing on your ears more than before surgery and are now noticing other differences that probably always existed. 

Continue to follow your board certified plastic surgeon's advice. 

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