Stitches fell off after otolasty?

Hi.I had an otoplasty on one of my ears almost two months ago and my doctor used dissovable/absorbable stiches.Tonight i was cleaning my ear with a cotton swab and i must have hit my bottom stiches which fell of.There is no blood and it didn't cause any pain.I didn't use my cotton swab that hard either so im guessing since they are dissovable stiches and it has been almost two months since my surgery it was their time to fall.Should i worry is this normal?Thank you.

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Dissolvable suture after otoplasty

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This sounds like it was a dissolvable stitch that had finally dissolved enough to fall off with just a little bit of cleaning. It should not affect your result in any way.

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Absorbable stitches

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You likely brushed off an absorbable stitch sitting at the surface of the skin; it is common practice to close the behind-the-ear incision with this type of suture, and most of the stitches dissolve and fall off within a few weeks after surgery.  If you are not having pain, drainage, or redness at the incision site, you would do well just to keep an eye on the area.  If you are having any of the above worrisome symptoms, have questions, or need reassurance, you would do well to contact your surgeon for a check-up.  Good luck in your recovery.

Inessa Fishman, MD
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