Are internal sutures being placed in every otoplasty?

Hi.Are internal sutures being placed in every otoplasty?Also do the stiches that close the incision keep the ear in it's new place or is this due to the eternal sutures?

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Otoplasty sutures and their uses

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Thank you for the great question! Breaking it down into simple steps, you can think of most otoplasty cases as three parts: 1) removal of excess soft tissue fullness and skin behind the ear; 2) creating the fold at the top of the ear (antihelical fold); 3) setting the ear a little closer to the side of the head (mastoid bone). Each of these steps requires sutures. For creation of the fold and setting the ear back, permanent sutures are used. These are typically made of a clear plastic polymer. For the skin closure, absorbable sutures are used. These sutures help the skin heal but do not hold anything in place per se. A supportive dressing is also used to reduce swelling and help protect the ears for a few days after the procedure. Best of luck moving forward!

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