Otoplasty result?

I had an otoplasty on my left ear 3 weeks ago because it used to stick ot more than my right one.After the surgery my left ear was way to close to my head and it was not symmetrical with my right ear.3 weeks later my ear seems to come slowly foward but there is still a big difference between my ears. My question is, will it continue moving forward so it can look normal? My surgeon used absorbable stiches and she wrapped my cartilage.I also thing that some skin was removed too.what do you think

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Otoplasty results

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The ear will likely continue to come forward over the next month or two. Please be sure to discuss with your surgeon if you have any concerns.

Good luck and enjoy your ears! : )

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otoplasty results

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Since you just had your otoplasty procedure only three weeks ago, it's best that you  express your concerns with your operative surgeon, since there are the one that performed Your surgery. There are many different techniques and sutures that can be used with an otoplasty procedure. Depending upon then pre-existing anatomy and what was done during the procedure, the ears can drift out to some degree after the surgery

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