Could be this an infection after otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty on my left ear 5 weeks ago.However my ear was too close to the head so skin was barely visible from behind.It is still too close but as time passes it is coming forward and because of this i noticed that there is some dry blood back there from the surgery.When i tried to clean my ear i removed the dry blood it looks like it is somehow merged with my skin so when i removed it my ear bleed a bit and you can see the indise of the skin.There is also a white fluid at a small area

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Ear care after surgery

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Although hard to tell without photos or an exam, what you're describing may be excessive scar tissue, a so-called "spitting suture" (a suture being forced out by the body), or a separation of the incision (called a dehiscence).  Your next best step is to check in your surgeon, as an in-person exam is usually necessary for diagnosis, and your surgeon can troubleshoot a lot of post-operative worries and findings in clinic.  You have trusted your surgeon to do your operation; continue to trust him/ her to provide your post-operative care.  Good luck in your recovery!

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