Is this hematoma or ear infection? 2 months post-op.

It's been two months since i had an otoplasty.However on the back of the ear at a part of the incision a white fluid comes out of the ear.That area i also a bit red and it is not dry.When i clean my ear that part might bleed a bit some times.I went too the doctor she gave me an antibiotic cream and said to keep applying untill my ear gets dry on that part.I will see her again after christmans.I don't have pain and the sweling keeps decreasing.It's not red or purple what do you think?

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Draining wound after otoplasty

suggest you have a suture problem and that whatever foreign material that is keeping your incision open must be removed.  If your wound is truly just a mismatched skin edge, that will heal with TLC.  Only an exam will allow one to tell you what you real problem is.

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