How experienced should a doctor be to perform a successful otoplasty?

Is an otoplasty an easy surgery to perform?If a surgeon performes this surgery for the very first time on his/her career will the results be bad?

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experienced otoplasty surgeon

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It is probably not a good idea surgeon who is never performed in otoplasty procedure. Look for a surgeon who has extensive experience with the procedure and as lots of before-and-after results. An otoplasty procedure can be rather tricky.


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Experience counts when choosing a surgeon. It is one, major factor. Other factors are God-given talent, cool and confident demeanor in the operating room, and reproducible techniques. Put that all together and you got a winner. But , how do you know? Two things:

1) ask some operating room nurses. if you don't know one then you know someone who knows one. They've seen it all.

2) before and after pictures on the web site

Talmage Raine MD FACS

How experienced should a doctor be to perform a successful otoplasty?

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In the hands of an experienced surgeon, otoplasty is an easy surgery to perform. It is Important that the surgeon has performed a great number of operations of this type. The Dr Merck stitch method provides the most natural results with the lowest complication rates.


Waldemar Merck, MD
Germany Plastic Surgeon

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