Activities after otoplasty?

Hi.I had an otoplasty 7 days ago and i was wondering when is it safe to start participating in activities that will increase my my blood pressure/heart rate such as running?If it isn't safe i'd like to know why i should avoid activities like that and how long should i wait.Thank you.

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Activities after otoplasty

Each surgeon will have different guidelines for postoperative care. Consult with your surgeon as he or she knows the scope of the surgery and the specifics about you. 

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Activities after otoplasty?

It depends on the method with which you were operated on. If it was a traditional method, by which the cartilage is exposed and worked on, you must stop sporting activities for some time. Your surgeon will tell you how long. Should you have been operated on with the minimally invasive Merck stitch method, you can already play sport the day after the operation.

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Activities after otoplasty?

This question has been posed by you in several different ways in several different posts. Every surgeon has his or her own unique protocol for activity following this procedure. You should ask your surgeon what he or she would suggest regarding activities after otoplasty. If you question the reasoning or the logic behind it, ask them that, I am sure they would be glad to discuss it with you. No one on here can give you the reasoning behind why other people do what they do.

Hope this helps!

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