Lower tummy swollen, pooching out, look pregnant. Any suggestions?

BBL was done 6/1 under local, which by the way, I regret COMPLETELY! Anyway, my lower abs are pooching out, it's hard, and it hurts. I know only 2 weeks I'm going to have swelling. But my lower abs look worse than what they did prior to surgery. I can't wear my garment that low bc of where he put the fat. The garment will squish the fat and I don't want that. Will this go down? Should I been seen at my ps surgeons office? Thank you

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Lower tummy swollen, pooching out, look pregnant. Any suggestions?

I would never recommend doing a BBL under local. Is your doctor a board certified plastic surgeon? The liposuction for this procedure is aggressive. I feel like the pain when the patient is awake deters the surgeon from doing the best job that they can. Swelling at 2 weeks is normal. You peak with swelling around two weeks after surgery. It is normal to be even bigger than you were before surgery because of water weight gain and swelling. You will start to shrink now. I do a lot of BBLs and my patients wear a compression garment with lipo foam for 4-6 weeks. The garment is designed to apply pressure in the areas of liposuction and less so in the areas of fat transfer. Wearing a compression garment will help the swelling to go down. Your butt does not look like is has good projection, and it is usually the biggest that it will be immediately post op again because of swelling. I also recommend professional lymphatic massages starting at week 2 in the areas of liposuction.

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You need to call your plastic surgeon

Hello and thank you for your question.  You should call your plastic surgeon to be evaluated for a fluid collection and how to manage that versus how best to tolerate post-op edema and what your ideal garment strategy would be. I agree with your sentiment that BBL under local is not as comfortable and thus as rewarding as when there is anesthesia administered -- by having you more relaxed, you can usually tolerate a more aggressive procedure and thus achieve a better outcome. Good luck to you and I hope this helps!


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