Do you think it will look better in time? Will the surgical lines fade? (Photo)

It will be 2weeks in two day how do you think the out come will be I know every women is different and I know I'm asking for a Mericle I just wanted more of a smaller (Barbie) look do you think my hood would go down a lot? Do you think my surgical lines will fade? Do you think im still ugly?

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Scar healing time

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Hello. The swelling in your labia will most definitely go down over the next weeks to months. You are at the most difficult time in the recovery time, because you are most likely starting to feel better but your body is still in early recovery mode. You will see your ultimate results 3-6 months after any surgery. Before that time, your body is healing. Have patience and continue to keep close follow-up with your doctor. It should not offend her/him if you talk about your concerns, and they will probably be able to put you at ease. 

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Time always helps healing

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and you will look better with time and as your swelling continues to go down.  You should focus on healing and avoid judging results daily as it will not help you at all.  Your surgeon should share the same desires for the best outcome possible so heal and when you go back for photos, discuss your concerns (and write them down).  And if things are really concerning you, you should schedule an appointment with your surgeon to have him/her evaluate the area and tell you what you can anticipate down the road.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Do you think it will look better in time? Will the surgical lines fade?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  I think your results are right on track and are maturing very well in their appearance.  It takes months for your final results to be seen as your scars flatten and fade with time but you have a nice result which should continue to show improvement over the next several weeks.  Best wishes.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty: Postoperative Results

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Thank you for your question and photographs.  The final result will be seen after several months. Swelling is common after labiaplasty with the amount dependent in part based on the time since surgery.  After several months, one can evaluate if a secondary surgery would be recommended.  I would recommend contacting the surgeon who performed the original surgery to evaluate your current condition if you are concerned.  If you require a secondary procedure in the future, I would recommend an experienced genital surgeon even if that requires traveling. Best of luck.     

Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic and Reconstructive Urologist -- Cleveland, Ohio)

Healing takes time

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You had a wedge labiaplasty and the scars are fading, but this takes months. A Barbie is not a wedge labiaplasty, it is a type of trim labiaplasty. Thinking that you're ugly suggest that you have self image issues best addressed with a mental health therapist.

Healing/surgical lines after labiaplasty

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You appear to be on track for 2 weeks post op. It will take a couple months for the skin to flatten out for a more natural appearance. You will continue to see improvement week by week over the next 2 months. 


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Thank you for your photos. Your results will change drastically from day to day.  Its important to remain relaxed and not get too obsessed with the results right now.  You wont see the final result until about 6 months post op so you are still a far way to go.  Be sure to keep your follow up appointments to ensure a smooth recovery.

Will my labiapasty results improve?

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Thank you for your great photos. They serve to drive home the message that things look better over time. What a difference one week makes! Now, I recommend you relax and stop looking at it on a daily basis. I ask my patients to do the same and to just check for any potential wound problems. Please send your next post at 6 weeks post op at which time you'll have a better idea of how you'll be long-term.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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