Seroma caused by sleeping on stomach two weeks post op? (Photo)

I had 500cc gummy bear implants 2 weeks ago. They were starting to settle, and feeling soft. There was no pain at 13 days so I slept on my stomach. In the morning I woke up with pain and swelling, yellow clear fluid leaking from incision. I went to the ER and was put on two antibiotics. The pain is gone but there is definitely fluid at the bottom. My surgeon is in Miami and I'm in California. Should I avoid any side sleeping As well as keeping incision clean and taking antibiotics? Cause?

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Seroma caused by sleeping on stomach two weeks post op?

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Dear sirenminkIf you had a little serous fluid leak from your incision, that does not necessarily mean you have a seroma. If one breast suddenly appears larger than the other, you might have a seroma or a hematoma. low grade infections, although rather uncommon with breast augmentation can present as a seroma but are often gradual and not just overnight. You should call your surgeons office for directions for your next step. Look for an experienced plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. See more than one consultation and make a well informed decision.

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Seroma caused by sleeping on stomach two weeks post op?

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Thank you for your question. Please contact your surgeon, perhaps he/ she has a colleague in California you could be referred to. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Two weeks Post Op

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I advise my patients not to put direct pressure on their breasts for a minimum of 6 weeks post op to ensure that the incisions and pocket are well-healed. I recommend that you call your Plastic Surgeon so that they can advise you how best to proceed.
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Implant Infection

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Hello,You will need to have the fluid removed and cultured, all of which should have been done before going on antibiotics. This is always a problem for medical tourists; why you couldn't find a competent plastic surgeon in California I cannot understand.  You now need one to care for you.Best of luck!

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