Rhinoplasty - Which DRs to choose?

I met a couple of young ENT-and-facial_plastic-board-certified DRs and a couple of very experienced American-board-of-plastic-surgery-certified ONLY DRs. I liked all the consults. The experienced ones described the techniques that I really liked but they are not ENT-and-facial_plastic-board-certified. The young ones are ENT-and-facial_plastic-board-certified but didn't have much to say about the techniques described by the experienced ones. Which to choose in this case, young or experienced ?

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Finding an Expert Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dear realselfhealth, Since you are on real-self you can start to look for surgeons here and read their reviews. If a large portion of their reviews are regarding rhinoplasty then it is likely the surgeon denotes a large portion of their practice to this speciality. Board certification is a good starting point however expertise in rhinoplasty is crucial. I have many friends who are board certified plastic surgeons who have had their wives rhinoplasty surgeries performed in my practice. Not because they are not excellent skilled surgeons but because rhinoplasty is not the expertise in their practice.  You should review an extensive portfolio of before and after photographs  in all consulting surgeons offices to see similar looking noses and also to ensure the surgeon is an expert at natural looking rhinoplasty results. Have imaging performed to see the proposed results and make sure you and the surgeon are on the same page and that the surgeon has the skill to provide the desired result. See some examples in the link below and an example of imaging in the video above. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Selecting Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Board certification, specialization, and experience are all important considerations when selecting a surgeon, which can  the most difficult part of rhinoplasty surgery. Select a surgeon who devotes most of their practice to this surgery and shows you multiple examples of excellent results in noses similar to yours.

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Rhinoplasty surgeons, which to choose?

you should choose a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who's results are natural and nosesthat you like. Board certification is only a starting point.  Have several consultations to determine which surgeon you are comfortable with and can show you actual results and not rely on imaging  

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Rhinoplasty - Which DRs to choose?

Dear realselfhealthYou should look at 1) Training2) experience3) surgeons aesthetic4) personality compatibilityIn you case, go to someone with a few years of experience or more who performs rhinoplasties regularly and when you look at their profile of results, you like what you see.

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choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon can be a difficult endeavor.  Board certification is important, however much more important is the experience of the surgeon performing rhinoplasty.  Look for a surgeon who has dedicated a significant component of their surgical practice to the discipline of rhinoplasty, performs them often on a weekly basis, and has done so for a long time.   Rhinoplasty is very complicated, and most patients cannot grasp the specific techniques that are performed on the inside of the nose to make the required changes.  Choose your surgeon, not your  Rhinoplasty technique. There are 100s of techniques available to the rhinoplasty surgeon,  and some are better than others. Look at the doctor's before and after  photo gallery, ratings, reviews, and testimonials.  In addition look at where the surgery is being performed and  who is performing the anesthesia.

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Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

I know plenty of facial plastic surgeons and general plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty very well. I do not think board certification matters as much as your comfort with the surgeon and evaluation of their before and after photos (especially photos with patients who have noses similar to yours). It would also be helpful if you could also speak to some previous patients who have had their surgery performed by the doctor and the surgeon should be able to provide you with some references. Lastly, call the surgery center where the physician performs the surgery and ask the opinion of the charge nurse at that facility (they'll be more than happy to tell you their thoughts).

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